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I was Just Served with Divorce Paperwork. Can I Take Our Kids and Leave the State?

The short answer is: no, not while the divorce case is pending.

In Colorado, after a divorce paperwork is filed jointly by both parties, after the other party is personally served with the divorce paperwork, or after the other party waives and accepts service of the divorce paperwork, an automatic temporary injunction becomes….

Arbitration for Family Law?

The use of an arbitrator (or abiter) in difficult family law cases is not uncommon. Similar to using a mediator as a third party to help sort things out in the case, an arbiter does help negotiate between both parties. However, the difference between an arbiter and a mediator is that the final conclusion or judgment of the arbitrator is a legally binding decision for both parties….

The Changing Face of Military Retirement

In 2016, there were 87,015 military retirees in El Paso and Teller Counties[i]. In family court, military retirement is a hot topic, especially in light of new legislation and pending case law. As practitioners, we are seeing the military retirement system morphing in front of our eyes, with changes to post decree enhancements, survivor benefit plans, and the new blended military retirement system.  Military retirement as we know it in dissolution matters is going by the wayside, causing most of the previous case law to become obsolete…

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