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Modern Families, Modern Justice

A new report out of Europe authored by the AFCC supports new thinking in regard to children and parental conflict. As most people are aware, children today come from all types of….

Financial Disclosures: What is this 16.2 and why do I have to disclose all of this stuff?

Parties to domestic relations cases owe each other and the court a duty of full and honest disclosure of all faces that materially affect their rights and interests and those of the children involved in the case. The court requires that, in the discharge of this duty…..

Mediation is a useful process for just about any type of dispute, but different issues and relationships warrant different approaches to mediation.  Even within the practice of mediating divorce and custody issues…..

Marriage, Over Time

The United States Census Bureau produces a wide variety of infographics and visualizations based on their enormous library of demographic data. Many of these charts and graphs address topics relevant to….