Dogs of KHM


Sammie is a 4-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.  Sammie is very sweet and affectionate and loves attention.

In her free time, Sammie enjoys going on walks, sticking her head out of car windows, eating food items that really shouldn’t be food items, and traveling. Sammie is locally known as KHM’s guard dog, although she’s not very good at it.


Zamperini Cornelius McBuritt (Zamp) is a Weimaraner who is named after Louis Zamperini, the soldier and runner portrayed in Unbroken.

Zamp obviously loves to run, enjoys gourmet food (he has a sophisticated palate), and can be seen cruising around Colorado Springs in a taco costume in his free time.


Olie is the newest member of the KHM family, and at 7 weeks old he’s still developing his personality.

We do know that he’s a bit shy, a big cuddle bug, and bound to be the perfect addition to the team. We won’t get too attached to his size as he should be growing rapidly in the next few months.


Luigi is a one year old yorkie, that has grown up working at KHM. You can usually find him hanging out with the paralegals or checking out the waiting area.

At six pounds he often feels it’s his job to provide additional security for the office and make sure our staff is safe.  Luigi’s hobbies include chasing balls, destroying toys, and dressing better than his co-workers.