Dogs of KHM


Sammie is a 4-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.  Sammie is very sweet and affectionate and loves attention.

In her free time, Sammie enjoys going on walks, sticking her head out of car windows, eating food items that really shouldn’t be food items, and traveling.


Zamperini Cornelius McBuritt (Zamp) is a Weimaraner who is named after Louis Zamperini, the soldier and runner portrayed in Unbroken.

Zamp obviously loves to run, enjoys gourmet food (he has a sophisticated palate), and can be seen cruising around Colorado Springs in a taco costume in his free time.


Luigi is a rapidly growing Yorkie puppy. He is far more interested in Sammie and Zamp then they are of him, making an interesting dynamic.

He is absolutely in his toddler stage, meaning you can find him either sleeping, or moving a million miles an hour.