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Family Law and Divorce Lawyers


Divorce is hard for everyone, but knowing what to expect and understanding the process can make it easier. Learn your rights and responsibilities and consider working with a qualified divorce attorney to make sure your needs are met.

Military Divorce

Divorce is complicated enough as it is, let alone when it involves military personnel and additional regulations. If you are dealing with a military divorce, learn what you need to know and consider working with an experienced divorce attorney to make the process easier.

Same Sex Divorce

Same-sex divorce is a newer legal issue that must be approached in a way that is fair to the couple who is seeking to dissolve their marriage. Learn why this subject may be addressed differently than other types of divorces.

Legal Separation

A legal separation is different from a divorce or informal separation. Learn what you need to know about this lawful order and determine how you need to proceed to achieve your goals.

Child Custody

Child custody (or allocation of parental responsibilities) is a complicated process. Learn what you need to know to begin the process and determine how to best proceed in your situation.


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