Community Involvement

Deeply Invested in our Community

Jennifer Knies, Jennifer Helland and Kelly McPherson all have deep roots in Colorado Springs, and participate in school, city, county and community concerns. They actively volunteer for non-profits, athletics, and education while donating their time to helping people who may not be able to afford legal counsel.

The law firm of Knies, Helland & McPherson is very involved in the Colorado Springs community and has forged a partnership with The Home Front Cares, a Colorado Springs military non-profit. The partners will be donating 5% of their net profit annually to the organization. The Home Front Cares provides an emergency financial bridge and responsive support to Colorado’s military members, veterans and their families impacted by service to our nation.

Knies, Helland & McPherson is also involved in TESSA, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Safe Passage and the Pikes Peak Pro Bono and Justice Center. They sponsor Air Force Academy cadets, coach soccer, track and hockey and were involved with founding a new charter school in District 49. They are also involved in Discovery Canyon Campus’ theater and music programs.

Rampart Bald For Bucks

Bald for Bucks is an event that takes place annually at Rampart High School right here in C Springs. In 2016, about 300 kids shaved their heads on or before February 23rd to raise money and support LLS in their research for blood cancer and advocacy. Last year, 2017, Rampart raised over 80,000 dollars in support of LLS and ranked #2 in the nation for their donations. This year, their goal is to raise $100,000, and they need all the support they can get. The assembly this year took place on Feb. 23rd at Rampart HS. Below are links to Ramparts and a students page on the LLS Website, where you can donate as much or as little as your heart desires.

The student who is behind one of the pages is a sophomore at Rampart and the child of our own Shelly Frost. She has been involved in the Rampart community for years now, as her two older sons attended Rampart High School as well. Her middle child, Gabriel Craig, who graduated in 2014 passed away from complications of a stem cell transplant in June, 2017 after a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. When they looked at ways to honor Gabe’s passing, they spoke to Mr. Anderson and Ms. Darrus about adding a table at the Bald 4 Bucks Assembly where people 18 and older could voluntarily sign up for the Stem Cell Registry for free with a cheek swab. Shelly met with the principle of Rampart and several administrators to fight to include this booth at the Bald for Bucks assembly. For this reason, and countless others, support and donations to this assembly and this cause mean a great deal to KHM, families of patients, and patients themselves all over the world. Please consider visiting the LLS Website if you are unsure about anything outlined above, and a donation page to see how you can contribute to the cause.

( Attached is a link from the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity and in paragraph 2, you will see that the stem cells used for cancer patients are adult stem cells and have nothing to do with embryotic stem cells and that debate. See below)

Court Care

The Colorado Springs Court Care is a non-Profit volunteer based organization which follows a daily literacy-based curriculum provided by the Early Connections Learning Center. Every day hundreds of people attend court for different reasons, and life does not stop because court is in session. Many children follow in tow everyday, and the sensitive material discussed in most all court cases is no place for a child. This FREE day care service is run from 7:45-5:00pm with only a short lunch break from 12:15p to 1:15p. Relying heavily on donations, Court Care depends on local Springs residents to help keep this fun learning environment open to the public.

Looking for ways to help? Donations of all kinds are accepted, however Court Care is in need especially of:

Watercolors (washable), Wipes, Construction Paper, Drawing Paper, Crayons (washable), Colored Pencils, Markers (washable), Play Dough, Glue Sticks, and Children’s Books.

Knies, Helland, and McPherson recently donated several children’s books for the holiday season, but children books are always in high demand.

For any other questions, visit their website to learn more about paperwork, how you can volunteer, and other ways to donate.