Will my spouse have to pay my lawyers fees in my case?

The short answer: It depends.

Colorado Revised Statute 14-10-119 says that in a divorce or custody case, the Court can order a party……

If the children live with my most of the year, why can’t I claim them on taxes?

 Many parents believe that if the children live primarily with them during the year, that they get to claim the children on taxes that year.  However, in family law cases, the courts in Colorado do things differently than what the IRS does…..

Child support is a form of payment intended to support and meet the needs of the child(ren) in the event that the parents are divorced, separated, or unmarried. It is typically considered…..

In early 2019 the Colorado Court of Appeals issued a ruling in In re Marriage of Thorstad(2019COA13) which addressed a post-dissolution request for modification and termination of maintenance …..